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Why Me?

Geelong Newborn | Baby | Maternity | Family Photographer

When you started the search for your photographer you probably worked out pretty quickly that there are a million of us - all at different stages in our career, all with different styles and experience and all offering different products and collections. I can imagine it gets a very confusing, a bit like trying to compare apples with grapefruit!


I will try to make things a little easier by explaining why I would be a great choice for you:

The Experience

When you book with Love Miss Daisy Photography, you get more than just a photoshoot, you get a photography experience! I know that sounds a bit pretentious but it really is true. From our initial discussion, through to your styled session and then your ordering appointment, we will keep in touch the entire time to make sure the whole process is all about you and your family. Personal touches include our very popular client goody bags, breakfast for early morning sessions, and coffee.. we always have coffee!


The safety of your little ones is my highest priority and I have undertaken multiple courses, workshops and mentorships with some of the best photographers in the world so you know your baby is in the safest of hands. I am vaccinated against Whooping Cough and get my booster every 5 years. If there is the slightest inkling of illness in my family, I will not work until we are all well again - this is non-negotiable as I would never take any risks with the health of your family. My studio, props and outfits are all thoroughly cleaned between each session and I keep the studio spotless - germs are not welcome here!

Award-Winning Images

I have recently started entering my client work into international photography awards,  judged by my peers from across the globe. Thus far, each piece I have entered has received an award, so you can rest assured that the images we create together will be of the highest quality, in terms of industry standard.

Unique Style

I love warm earthy tones, knitted pretties, wooden props and loads of texture. A lot of my outfits have been designed and handmade just for me and I am continuously updating and changing my props so that each shoot is uniquely styled. We work closely together before the session so when you come in with your baby, the studio is set up just for you.


One final thing I can provide that you won't get anywhere else, is me! I am the kind of person that waits by the phone for news of your baby's arrival, who finds it hard to give them back at the end of the session, and gets all teary-eyed with you when we view your precious images together. I want you to feel like you have had a wonderful experience with me and that you can't wait to come back again for the next one. When you choose me, you get my experience, my knowledge and my hard work, but most important of all, you get my heart xx

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