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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you decide on a newborn session date if baby hasn't been born yet?

I pop your due date in my calendar so we have an approximate idea of when your session will take place, but we don't finalise the date until after Bub has arrived. For this reason, I always ask that you let me know the happy news as soon as possible, as I can book up very quickly. 

How old should baby be at the session?

I recommend baby be under 3 weeks old - this is the time when they are at their sleepiest and we are more likely to get those lovely, curly newborn poses. After this age, they develop a much stronger startle reflex and have longer periods of awake time. This can also make for lovely imagery though, so if you have missed the 3 week mark, please don't worry, we can definitely still work together.


How many setups in a newborn session?

I usually aim for between 5-7 set ups, plus any family and sibling images.

What happens if baby won't sleep?

I think this is probably the question I am asked most - and I always say not to worry. I have been doing this for a while and do have a very high success rate  - they don't call me the baby whisperer for nothing! That being said, my sessions are 100 per cent led by baby and if they are very unsettled and I don't feel that we will get the images I want you to have, I will reschedule. The comfort of my little clients is the most important thing!

What should we wear?

I have lots of lovely maternity gowns, and outfits for babies and sitters, so those session are covered! For the rest of the family, neutral is key - we want the portraits to be timeless and classic and the focus to be on your lovely faces, not your clothing. When you book a session, you will alson have access to our session guides which have lots of suggestions and tips.


How many photographs will there be to choose from?

A full gallery usually consists of between 25-30 images depending on whether the whole family is involved.

Do I have to order prints and products through you?

You don't have to but you will want to. My computer is calibrated specifically to my print lab so that the images you see on screen are exactly how you will see them in print. I have had many families come back to me with green, desaturated prints after ordering through consumer labs so I will always suggest to use me. Yes, it costs more that the 10c print specials that seem to pop up, but you have invested in these beautiful images why would you want a low quality final product?

Can we post our photos on social media?

Absolutely! I love that you want to share your images with the world and I would be super grateful if you could tag me or link to my website.

Can we have the unedited, raw files?

In short, no - it would be like giving you the ingredients for a recipe instead of the meal! My post-production work is all part of the magic.

Will my images be watermarked?

No, the images you purchase will be free from any watermarks or branding.

Do you offer payment plans?

We sure do. If this is something you would like to organise, we can work together to come up with a plan that works for your family.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes we do! If it is for a new client, I ask that the amount covers at least the session fee - there is nothing worse that receiving a gift that you can't use without paying more! If the receiver already has a booking, you can purchase a gift voucher for any amount, which they can then put towards their images.

How do we book?

That's easy! Just send me an email via our contact form, and I'll get the ball rolling. Once your contract has been signed and your session fee paid, we can start planning what your session will look like - that's the exciting part!

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