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Geelong Newborn Photographer | Twin Babies - Archie & Olive

Twin babies are so awesome - this was my third set for the year (clearly there is something in the water here in Geelong) and I'm completely hooked!

Archie and Olive were 7 weeks old by the time I got my mitts on them but as they were born 8 weeks early, they were still very much in the newborn sleepy stage... and they loved being wrapped up nice and snuggly. They had obviously had a chat beforehand about how to make life easy for me, and they took it in turns being unsettled so I always had one baby to work with... very good planning I thought! The really lovely thing about these two was that even though they took great comfort in being together, they had very obviously different personalities. Archie had a sore tummy for some of the session, but took it in his stride - he only complained a few times and was so calm and gentle. Olive on the other hand had such a strong spirit - she was very happy to loudly voice any form of displeasure and was gorgeously cheeky. They are a true yin yang pair, such different energies but also the perfect fit.

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